Hi. I’m Sarah Thorneycroft. You might remember me from such films as ‘the last 10 years of higher ed/academic development/learning design/SoTL’ or ‘oh yeah the one with the twitter account’. After following a music degree -> education degree -> teaching -> academic development -> learning design trajectory, I have somehow taken a fairly sharp left turn and found myself doing a PhDI in organisational learning and organisational culture. If you have some time on your hands and want to dig a little more into how this came to be and see some of my past work, you can take a look at my grad cert portfolio site here. If you’re interested in what the ‘I’ in ‘PhDI’ means, you can see the program overview here. Otherwise, stick around and see my PhDI work evolve through this site.

I’m currently the manager of the Strategic Learning Initiatives team at UNE, working centrally on strategic curriculum renewal projects, and my current pastime is muddying the water of what learning design is with my PhD research and my own personal growth and development. Music and cupcakes tend to keep creeping into the mix as well. I’m a conscientious objector from linkedin so the best ways to contact me are via email or twitter.

Sarah playing electric bass