Human from Scratch is a multimodal research and development project that deep dives into the concept of what it means to be human in the workplace and in life. ‘Human’ in this context refers to the interpersonal, relational, leadership, coaching and communication skills traditionally referred to as soft skills, and is a partly satirical reference of contrast to the narrative of robots and AI infiltrating our work and life environments. ‘From Scratch’ conceptualises a starting baseline of either an absence of these skills, or a lack of conscious articulation and cultivation of these skills.

The project exists in two streams – a personal development stream, and a workplace development stream. The personal stream is an autoethnographical anthropological journey to seek out and develop my human skills. The data and narrative from this will be translated into a suite of resources that can bridge the knowing-doing gap in cultivating human skills at an individual level.

The workplace development stream is an exploration of how we can transform culture and facilitate strategic change by focusing on human skills in the workplace. A more structured appreciative inquiry approach solicits narratives and experiences that will be used to inform iterative development of various workplace interventions and artefacts.


I’m trying to learn to be a better human, and work out how to help others do this too.