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Needs analysis

This task – the final one before working on the innovation project proposal – was two sets of trigger questions for a needs analysis and broad contextualisation. I’ve been lazy here and added these as the originally submitted PDF documents to avoid having to wrangle tables.

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Developmental Evaluation

This task focused on analysing the project within the framework of Patton’s developmental evaluation (2011). Developmental evaluation, as outlined by Patton (2011), really resonated with me as an evaluation strategy. We spend so much time in higher education approaching evaluation as a summative activity, to prove worthiness or compliance or Read more…

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Methods month

This task was designed to introduce new researchers to research methods, primarily qualitative and social methods. I will confess I did not invest very heavily in this, and I will also say that my overall project direction changed after this task and thus its relevance to where I have ended Read more…

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Story groundwork

The thing about seeking stories, in particular, is that it’s not just a simple matter of interview-based qualitative inquiry. The literature on interviews as a research method and qualititative inquiry in general that I have come across thus far is often missing a very human layer. It’s easy to describe Read more…